Fascinating Short Hair of the Fabulous Victoria Beckham

Fascinating Short Hair of the Fabulous Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is an extremely stylish lady who always inspires any women around the world. Her gorgeous short hairstyle that makes her looks adorable and elegant is imitated by lots of ladies. Are you going to try the short hairstyle of Victoria Beckham on your head now? Congratulations! You just picked a short, asymmetrical, and sassy hairstyle that will make you look more chic and beautiful. Actually, Victoria Beckham’s short hairstyle is pixie haircut that has sharp layering right in nape area in order to contour the skull shape.

Length of Victoria Beckham’s short hairstyle is increased on top of head and on fringe area. Then this short haircut of Victoria Beckham is finished by the lightly texturing ends of hair by the point cutting at the ends. If you want sculpted and softer look, tell your hair stylist to use razor tool when creating the short hairstyle inspired by Victoria Beckham’s short hair. After getting this short hairstyle inspired by Victoria Beckham, you need to style your hair by applying sculpturing product such as strong gel or mousse.

Besides, you are also required to blow dry your Victoria Beckham short hair in order to pump volume around your hair’s lower areas. Also, use your blow dryer to dry your hair’s upper sections in order to keep your hair’s upper sections smooth and straight. Use paddle brush that helps you keeping your hair’s upper sections smooth and straight. Next, finish styling your hair by using styling wax or pomade in light amount using your fingers. The styling wax or pomade will create definition in your hair strands if you comb your hair using your fingers.

If you have decided to get the bob hairstyle that’s a bit pixie like Victoria Beckham’s hair style, we’d like to tell you that there are several ways you can do to style or update your short bob hairstyle. First way to style your short hairstyle a la Victoria Beckham is adding blunt bangs to your hair. Blunt bob will look adorable with bangs in medium thickness. The bangs will fall below the eyebrows. The bangs of your bob hair need management, but the bangs’ length allow you to pull your bangs back or to grow your bangs.

Styling Tips for Your Short Bob Hair a la Victoria Beckham

Another way to style your adorable bob hairstyle that’s inspired by David Beckham’s wife is adding fake bangs and completing the bangs with bobby pins. Instead of cutting your hair, you can create fake fringe by parting hair on one side and then pull your hair over the forehead then pin the hair back using bobby pin or dressy barrette.Your dressy barrette or bobby pin will have double functions, to hold your fake fringe or fake bangs and to accessorize your gorgeous hair.

If you love wearing accessories on your hair, your bob hairstyle inspired by Victoria Beckham will look excellent with thick headband. First of all, flat iron your hair and then use your thick headband to pull your hair back also to pull that hair out of the face. If you are transitioning your bangs, the thick headband will be nice accessory for your hair. Place your headband at the hairline and make sure you calm the hair of static and the flyaway so you will get the sleek look.

Middle part is another way to style your Victoria Beckham’s short hairstyle. If the recent part of your hair is on the right or left, changing the part into middle part is the best way to make your hair looks totally new and different. When your hair is flipping into a different direction, it will create illusion of volume, angles, and layers. Choose modern middle hair part for your chin length bob hair style.

Victoria Beckham’s short hair style is straight and is elegant. But curly bob hairstyle also looks elegant. So try the pinned curls hairstyle on your bob hair. With the pin curls that start at the ears to your head will give you the 20s vintage look. Keep your hair smooth and free from texture so your curls will pop excellently. Few hours later when you remove your curls, you will get wavy hairstyle that makes you look casual.